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interview Madagascar Booking UP

This interview follows the news Madagascar lagging behind, and yet a forecast of 800,000 tourists to explain in detail why and how our site "Live Madagascar" became the first guide of Madagascar

For this, we interviewed our web agency Booking UP which deals with the development of our site and advises us in visibility.

interview Madagascar Booking UP

Live Madagascar : Web visibility, what is it?

Booking UP : I will start by breaking a received idea: a website is not visibility. And that's what 100% of our customers think at the beginning, the main reason for their previous failures.

Technique explanation is not the objective here, I prefer to make a comparison that will speak to any hotel operator: The paper brochure.

Any hotel worthy of its name has a brochure to present its products. And each hotel will have an adapted brochure.

  • A hotel *** with 40 rooms offering rooms at + 100 € / night with SPA & seminar rooms will choose a card stock in an unusual format like 20 × 20 tripli, all designed by a professional graphic designer so that brings out the luxury side of his establishment,
  • A 7-bedroom guest house at 35 € per night preferred a standard glossy paper to be printed in A4 folder
  • A hotel residence will prefer a A4 book of several pages to present the most diverse locations and make you want to know more

A brochure will then cost between 1 € and 15 € / copyvery wide prices according to what is wanted. And this does not take into account other necessary costs that are the photos, taken by a professional photographer or not depending on the case.

You have printed your 1000 brochures for € 1,000 and € 15,000. It seems obvious that you do not want to leave them on your reception desk right?

But will you distribute your brochure to passers-by in the street in front of your hotel? Of course not, it's not your target client!

And who is your target?

  • National clientele: tourist / professional?
  • Clientèle internationale touristique : durée moyenne / profession / budget / langue
  • Clientèle internationale professionnelle : durée moyenne / profession / budget / société / ONG
  • etc…

It is by knowing your target that you will be able to find or go see them. So, to continue on the analogy of the booklet:

  • Presence in national and international tourism fairs
  • Windshield distribution of family cars in supermarkets in a targeted city
  • Door-to-door distribution for the meeting of works councils
  • etc…

But is this distribution free?

In all cases, you have travel expenses and human more or less important. In some cases, the fees are even more important. If we talk about the tourism fair: plane ticket + hotel during X days + rental of a stand + life on site.

So in the vast majority of cases, the circulation of your brochure is more expensive than the production of these brochures.

Same case for the Website

Your website represents your brochure. The common goal of both is to convey the mood, to represent your services in order to turn the interested person into customer potential.

But it will not make itself visible, you must broadcast it. On the web several options exist depending on your target client:

  • Natural visibility: which is anything but "natural" in the end:
  • Local visibility
  • Paid Visibility
  • Visibility via social networks
  • Visibility through other sites
  • And finally, visibility via Metas Search, specific solutions for hotels

And just like traveling, visibility on the internet is not free.

Live Madagascar : An explanation a bit long but real ! A question that I think will interest readers: A website, how much is it?

Booking UP As we saw just before, it depends on the hotel and the necessary features (blog - multilingual - newsletter - promotion - online booking, etc ...). For an idea, we offer an entry solution to € 800 for guest houses less than 10 rooms up to € 5,000 for some projects.

What makes the difference is time. I spend more than 45 days on a single site to get the desired result. This also explains the sites at 500 000 Ar that are found in Mada and delivered in 2-3 days. Possible but ultimately useless because it amounts to throwing money out the window.

Live Madagascar : And the results, what are they?

Booking UP : It depends on the sectors. For the hotels that work with us on a monthly basis, the objectives are clear:

  1. Achieve 80% annual fill
  2. On this filling, only 50% come live and not OTA & agencies
  3. That the costs of live communication do not exceed 15%, what a minimum OTA takes

These goals are not easy to reach, but they come with time. For the follow-up, we make a monthly report with each of our customers in order to make an inventory of progress

Live Madagascar : You said above, Natural Visibility, which is anything but "natural" in the end, does this have anything to do with the "natural referencing" on which we read a lot?

Booking UP : It's exactly the same thing, it's just that the term "referencing" is confusing.

When we talk about "SEO", the majority of people think: articles, links, directories, mass, copy-paste, fast, cheapA way of doing things that worked before 2010 but which is harmful / penalized today

Since 2010 Google has evolved a lot. He has released several updates called the "Google Zoo" and revolutionized the web as it was known. To summarize, before it was possible to "play" with the algorithm in order to win positions. Today is guaranteed failure.

Live Madagascar : What natural visibility solution today?

Think about your readers, and the positions you will have! The concrete example of Madagascar is Live Madagascar, which has become the first guide to Madagascar with an average of 1,000 visitors so far, and which aims to rise.

Et à la question que beaucoup se posent sans doute « Avons nous triché ? Manipulons nous les lecteurs ? » Absolument pas ! Pas de formule magique. Simplement des articles avec un objectif à chaque fois, avec les optimisations nécessaires pour être comprit par Google, mais surtout une vision sémantiquement travaillée au moment de la création du site, sans oublier un travail de rédaction continu.

Live Madagascar : Can you explain a little more web visibility solutions for Madagascar in particular?

We just saw the SEO as a whole. For Madagascar in particular, the first place is already taken by Live Madagascar on most research. The following places are taken by Booking .com and Tripadvisor

I forgot to clarify a point previously: it's time. It took 3 years for Live Madagascar to take these positions, so, it is a lost effort for a single operator.

The solution ? Appear on Live Madagascar which has anyway a goal of centralization of information, 100% beneficial for Madagascar.

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Regarding the Local visibilityeveryone can do it, no need for an agency! Your Google My Business listing is an easy way to let people know about your hotel's name and the main category in your area.

Paid referencingit's like an auction. You have 4 times the same product on sale. Each time, it is the one who pays the most expensive who gets it. This is a completely simplistic explanation, but what must be remembered is a non-negligible cost that requires continuous monitoring to control it. The advantage is visibility within 48 hours on search terms tailored to your location.

Social networks, il faudrait plusieurs articles simplement pour effleurer le principe professionnel ! Pour résumer, déléguer le côté communauté à Live Madagascar qui a mis en place une équipe en interne pour les prestataire à Madagascar.

Use only the re-targeting part that you will synchronize with your site. You did not understand anything? It's normal, it's 100% technical. Contact us if you wish to understand it, and we do it for our customers of course!

And finally, visibility via the Metas Search, specific solutions for hotels. Here it's easy: it's use what Booking .com uses! So everywhere he stings your customers! So you will be able to resume your independence

Live Madagascar : I admit that everything is not clear to me, many things seem incomprehensible to me! If a tourist operator in Madagascar wants to create a site, what solutions are available to him?

Booking UP : Je dirais plutôt, posez-vous la bonne question ! Souhaitez vous un site internet ou souhaitez vous avoir des réservations dans votre hôtel ?

If you only want a website, you will find one for 490 000 Ar everywhere in Madagascar. If you want a partner at your side to improve your occupancy rate and get bookings, contact us! A talk costs nothing 😉

Learn more about Booking Up :

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