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Western Route, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting from 50 €

In the heart of the Radama Archipelago - Madagascar

North Amporaha, Belamandy 207 - Madagascar

Ambatobe - Marikindro BP 467 - Hellville - Madagascar

Madirokely - Madagascar

Ambatozavary 207 - Madagascar

Madirokely BP 207 - Madagascar

Starting at 106 €

Baobab beach Pointe d'Anjanojano BP 372 - Madagascar

Starting at 340 €

Andilana-Ampasy - Madagascar

Located on the east coast of Nosy be, Manga soa lodge rhyme with rest, nature, beach and discoveries, within a park of 4 hectares, 6 lodges and villas with ocean view at 180 °, along the long virgin beach from Befefika.

Learn more about Lodges in Nosy Be

When planning your stay on Nosy Be, you are wondering what type of accommodation to opt for? The most obvious answer is: it will depend on your personality, your expectations and your budget. If you want to be close to nature and stay in a unique setting, the lodges may be for you.

What is a Lodge?

Generally of human size, it is an establishment that advocates the user-friendliness and the integration of its offers in relation to its environment. For example, one at the beach offers water activities and a construction system that will not harm the beach. Same for park lodges.

The lodges must therefore in principle (I say in principle, because this is not the case for all lodges in Mada), integrate an ecotourism policy, or at least adopt a behavior favoring sustainable tourism.

Concretely, these are establishments that integrate premises in their staff or decoration, sort of waste, use (or not) solar energy, offer activities that respect and make known their environment, etc. .

Those of Nosy Be how are they?

Well, they are framed in the tropical environment of the beach, coconut palms and palm trees. In different ranges, their decorations are imbued with local materials: rosewood wood, ravinala roof (traveler's tree) dried, bungalow or cottage all wood or semi-hard.

Moreover, it is in Nosy Be that lives the first 100% solar hotel in the world.

How are the rooms?

They have accommodation for any type of traveler: single, couple, twin or family. Rooms equipped with private bathroom, fan, with sea view or garden.

They also usually have their own restaurant, with seasonal dishes consisting of fresh products, often made from seafood.

NB: for large families, there is usually only one (sometimes two) family room in the lodges, which can accommodate only 4 people max. If children are over 12 years old, you may need to take 2 or 3 separate bungalows.

And for activities?

Some hotels have their own activities, ecological or not, it depends.

But as a rule in Nosy Be, it is advisable to go directly to operators specialized. That's why we have listed the possibilities and you to ask for more information about what interests you: who, where, how, when to organize.

Compared to prices?

Contrary to a surprisingly common idea, it is not because it is a lodge that it is inevitably cheaper. There is not really a correlation between the price and the lodge term.

The prices will rather depend on the standing, the quality of service and the location of the establishment. You will choose according to your budget and your taste. In Nosy Be there is everything, that's why we have listed our selections and you choose.

How to book?

The lodges do not necessarily have a lot of bungalows, usually between 4 and 10 at the most. It would be better if you prepare your stay well in advance. Special re-mention for families as explained above.

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