Villas of Vohilava

BP 5, Vohilava - 515 - Madagascar

Villas of Vohilava in Sainte-Marie - Madagascar

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A very pretty structure at the water's edge with pontoon.

Villas of Vohilava " has : 

6 senior rooms
2 junior bungalows 
5 villas with 2 to 4 double bedrooms 

The bungalows are spacious and the villas are huge and equipped, with a housekeeper who takes care of the kitchen. 

The restaurant is a high quality table, nice setting and tasteful kitchen; with a cozy bar with a relaxing atmosphere.

The musical atmosphere and themed dinners at "Villas de Vohilava" are conducive to sweet ocean evenings.
With a warm welcome, a hushed and relaxing atmosphere, an emphasis on comfort, decoration, the quality of the menus and the quality of the services on offer.

The Management and the Staff are at your service for an unforgettable and unique stay.

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