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Hotel La crique in Sainte-Marie - Madagascar

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You are looking for escape and authenticity, but also quality and cleanliness. Located on a site of calm and exceptional beauty on the island Sainte-Marie, the hotel "La Crique" is undoubtedly the ideal place for your holidays in Madagascar.

Located a few kilometers off the coast of Malagasy, Sainte-Marie Island is seduced by the exceptional beauty of its still preserved landscapes and by the naturally warm and welcoming nature of its inhabitants, but also by the fascinating history of pirates. have taken up residence ...

Located in an exceptional site, " The creek " is a must for your stay on Sainte-Marie Island

Located halfway between the extreme south and the extreme north of the island " The creek " is a convenient starting point for your excursions and an ideal place for those who want to "Disconnect", practice a laze hard-working or getting together with your family.

In a few words a unique and indescribable setting: grass, sand, coconut trees, trees and plants very varied. The flight of seagulls and guano-covered rocks within " The creek " offer a spectacle of rare beauty, crowned with a fairy moonlight that alone is worth the trip.


Our 12 bungalows, built with local materials, are in perfect harmony with the gardens of "La Crique" while offering optimal hygiene and cleanliness.

The hard plinth covered with mats provides solidity and comfort while the walls and tree-leaf roofs of the traveler ensure a ventilated space and fresh in a way that can not be more natural.

All our bungalows are equipped with private bathrooms with hot water and continuous power supply. They all face the sea and have a terrace with sun loungers.

The water we use comes from the tropical rains flowing along the surrounding hillsides, one of many examples of our sensitivity to sustainable tourism.

Traditional double and twin bungalow
Has private sanitary hot water located about 20m outside the bungalow.
Traditional family bungalow
Has private sanitary hot water located about 20m outside the bungalow. Can accommodate up to 5 people.
Standard double and twin bungalow
Indoor sanitary facilities. Can accommodate up to 3 people.
Family standard bungalow
Indoor sanitary facilities. Can accommodate up to 6 people.

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