Shangri-la Lodge

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Standard room
/ nuitée base 2 personnes
Shangri the lodge in Tulear - Madagascar

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Shangri-la Lodge  is located near the small village of Ambatomilo, 125 km north of the city of Tulear. If you love nature and the sea, this is the place for your holidays. You will find one of the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar, a vegetation typical of the Malagasy bush.
You can fish, visit the island and the reef. And many other activities. We do not plan club-style entertainment ... but relaxation and calm as well as music and entertainment.

Shangri-la Lodge is a small tourist village built a beautiful rocky cove just steps from the ocean. It consists of 6 bungalows with a total of 12 beds and a large bar / restaurant in the center of the village. You can admire the sunset directly from your room.

The restaurant and bar is located in the heart of Shangri-La Lodge.
It has a large veranda, with breathtaking views of the beach and the sea.
The building was built with locally collected materials, and the roof is made entirely of wood and bundles of plant fibers.

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