On the beach at Cecile's

Mangily BP 321 - Madagascar

On the beach of Cecile in Ifaty - Madagascar

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In a semi-arid country where the sun shines 360 days a year, backed by a dry forest of thorns and baobabs ...
Facing a very large lagoon, part of a long coral chain that feeds the Vezo people, and the Mozambique Channel, which is visited by humpback whales during the austral winter ...
On the beach, under the sun exactly ...
Welcome to Cécile!
Quiet and well kept, very disciplined.
bungalows of all sizes:
-very very cheap - with outdoor sanitary facilities, 
-very really cheap - with private bathrooms, 
-large family still not very expensive - with not only private bathrooms but also a kitchen! 
From 7:00 am, a breakfast with feet in the water, the lagoon at your feet, and the world with ...
Lunch, French cuisine and Indian Ocean. 
The sweetness of an original dessert will close this lunch.
The arranged rum is offered, the painful remains pleasant ...
In the evening, enjoy the aperitif - homemade punch specialties - while contemplating the sun set over the sea ...
At nightfall, the local fauna emerges: among others, a small nocturnal lemur microcèbe walks on the beams.
It is possible to eat then: the restaurant is table d'hôte.

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