Masoala Forest Lodge

Bp 24-Maroantsetra 512 - Madagascar

Masoala Forest Lodge in Maroantsetra - Madagascar

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Accessible only on foot or by sea, with a maximum capacity of only 12 people, the lodge is a haven of tranquility. A luxury outpost lost in time and nature. 
In the past, this most remote corner of Madagascar has been beyond the reach of all, but the pirates of the Indian Ocean. Now, Masoala Forest Lodge offers boat access and exclusive accommodation, opening this last Eden for anyone with a love of nature and a desire for adventure. Full bath with hot water..With a terrace where you are surrounded by interrupted views of the forest. 
For lunches at Masoala Forest Lodge is a communal affair where guests meet at mealtimes in a traditional Malagasy longhouse overlooking the beach.We serve fresh local produce and seafood prepared to the Swiss-Malagasy style.
With shady hammocks capturing the sea breeze on your private lanai, and the sounds of the forest all around, there is ample opportunity for relaxation in this tropical paradise.

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