Hotel Eden in Nosy Be, ecological luxury in Madagascar

Eden Hotel in Nosy Be

Knowing that more than half of visitors staying in Madagascar come for ecotourism, the hotel Eden Lodge in the region of Nosy Be chose to invest in this direction. It has become the first solar luxury hotel in the country, but also in the world.

Luxury and eco-friendly at Eden Lodge Nosy be

According to the definition of the World Tourism Organization, ecotourism is a branch of sustainable tourism that is geared more towards the discovery of ecosystems while respecting the biodiversity that it contains. Thus, tourism impacts little on the environment. On the other hand, this type of tourism ensures that the local population can benefit from sustainable development for its economy. Due to its geographical location, theEden Lodge lends itself well to ecotourism. Far from the mass tourism of Nosy be, in the north of Madagascar, the hotel is located on Anjanojano point, more precisely on the site of Baobab Beach.

Access to the property is by boat on a 30-minute ride from the city of Nosy Be. The place is completely isolated, no roads, no vehicles, ideal for those looking for a change of scenery. On arrival, a beach of white sands and baobabs 500 years old welcome you. The lodges, the bar and the restaurant are located directly on the beach, near the water. In this context, where nature is paramount, the establishment has tamed lust to adapt to its new concept of luxury ecolodge. Indeed, the services offered and the comfort of the accommodation have kept their luxury upscale. In addition to the restoration and massages with essential oils, several other activities are organized in total harmony with nature: sea or land excursions, kayaking, diving ...

The 1st hotel in the world drawing from the sun 100% of its energy consumption

Each of the 8 lodges of the hotel offers a comfortable space of 75 m2. All the infrastructure, furniture and decoration of the lodges were made with natural and local materials such as ravinala leaves, coconut tree trunks, flat stones specific to Anjanojano. For its energy consumption, Eden Lodge uses a photovoltaic plant that captures the sun's rays and transforms them into energy. This required nearly 100,000 euros of investment. Its entire electrical installation has been designed for minimal consumption: LED bulbs and solar water heater. Only, a generator runs for 2 hours a day to perform the washing and ironing of linen.

In fact, this new orientation of the hotel was made possible thanks in particular to the Agency of the Environment and the Energy Master (ADEME) who selected the school for a pilot project on ecotourism development in Madagascar. As a result, Eden Lodge is the only luxury hotel on the planet to operate 100% using solar energy. But the establishment did not stop there, it also sorts and recycles its waste, treats its wastewater and then recuperates it in the basements. His commitment to the environment is manifested through a reforestation program and his fight for the preservation of fauna and flora. And finally, he participates in the social development of the village near the site: creation of related jobs related to tourism, construction of a well, donations of school supplies collected, etc.