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Ideally sheltered in a very beautiful bay, Vohémar (also called Iharana) is a pleasant city of North-East of Madagascar, in the province of Antsiranana (Diégo-Suarez) and which is open on the Indian Ocean. It is the capital of the district of the same name is part of the dynamic region of the SAVA, known worldwide for an orchid with intoxicating scents, vanilla.

A city with unsuspected charms

To reach the city of Vohémar, take the RN6 that leads to Antsiranana before taking the junction at Ambilobe. The trip to this destination alone is an integral part of your stay, and the natural beauty of the National Highway 5A. For the less adventurous and impatient, the airline that connects the city to the big cities of the island is the ideal solution. Vohemar is a charming city with about 15,000 inhabitants. Vohemar is green and the coconut palms of the sea majestically dominate the beaches and walks. The colonial buildings, certainly abused by the many hurricanes that have plagued the region, offer the city a certain charm. Like other cities in the region, Vohémar has developed around the demanding vanilla culture. It also harvests coffee and cloves, giving your stay in the region scents that will be forever etched in your memories. Throughout your stay, you will be able to appreciate the dexterity of the men and women of Vohémar who are meticulously taking care of these treasures offered by this fertile land.

A destination that goes beyond

The bay that houses the city of Vohémar is surrounded by a coral reef. Along this bay, you will see the presence of an old cannon, but it will take time to find it, an opportunity to travel tens of kilometers of beaches. At the end of this bay, a point of land that advances in the ocean will give you the impression of being at the end of the world. The traditional practice of fishing and the sight of these boats that bring the fish directly to the beach will contribute to this sensation. 7 km from the city, Lake Andranotsara, nicknamed the Green Lake is an enclosed stretch of water that will amaze you. The microscopic organisms that evolve in the lake, associated with the rays of the sun, offer a green aspect of beauty. It is advisable to go there in the early morning, because it is at this moment that the green reflections are the most intense. At certain times of the year, the local population practices a ceremony to appease the ancestors. During the ceremony, an ox is sacrificed. Be aware that like many lakes on the Big Island, it is strictly forbidden to bring pork. Other taboos apply to the place and it is necessary to learn from the local population. In addition to these basic rules, a stay in Vohémar is the guarantee of an unforgettable trip.

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