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The choice of a school is a crucial point for all the mothers who live or want to settle, whether in Nosy Be or elsewhere. But Nosy Be, both on the web and on the spot, the information is numerous, hence this article.

French education system

If you want your child to be well supervised, well educated, have a good fluency in a foreign language integrate a French school approved is what you need. A school is said to be approved according to the standards of French education, based on different criteria: teaching method, school structure, health, space, etc. However tuition fees are very high, the French primary schools remain inaccessible to non-scholars. Only one approved French school is available in Nosy Be:

  •  La Martine School (Dzamandzar Road) : You want to know a little more about this school, click on this link 

See if you can get a scholarship:  To read school to your child abroad.

Malagasy educational system

The Malagasy system is predominantly in French, the difference being that it is not validated by France. You will have here a much larger choice of school, private or religious. The latter reassures a large number of families by the image of a strict discipline. At Nosy Be you have:

Private school

  • School Bees (Dar es Salaam) : This is the first school "French Expression" that I visited and according to some parents I met, it is one of the best in Nosy Be. Framework quite simple, houses in falafa, a lot of space, secure, the kind of environment where all the children without exception would like it to ... run. Positive points: Limited to 30 students / class, music education, sports education, compulsory course if the student is not level.

Catholic school

According to the Malagasy educational system and run by nuns, there are not many Catholic schools in Nosy Be. To enter one of these schools, your child must be baptized and agree to respect Catholic disciplines.

  • COBARA School in Maroakatsaka (north of Hell-Ville): primary to secondary school.
  • Catholic school in Hell-Ville: nursery school.
  • Coconut Catholic School: primary to high school.

Muslim school

The population in Nosy Be being predominantly Muslim, it is obvious that there is an Islamic school. As for the conditions of entry, your child must be a practitioner. To this day, I know only one school to know:

  • Madara Tool in Hell-City.
  • Very soon, a new Muslim school will be born in Dar-es-Salam (hamlet of Ambatoloaka).

English education system

This system exists on Antananarivo and different cities of Madagascar, attached to the American, South African or Singaporean system. Anglophones are probably not interested in this system but it does not exist yet in Nosy Be, we will update the day or this changes.

Which school to choose?

The choice is yours, indeed do not forget to take into account several criteria in the choice of school, which are in my opinion:

  1. It must be 5-10 minutes from the house
  2. The number of students must be limited,
  3. The school setting should please your child
  4. Tuition fees are adequate for the budget.

Last point, the papers

Make sure you have a solid record to get your child into school, that is:

  • A school certificate or a report card notifying your child to move to a higher class
  • A birth copy
  • A certificate certifying the end of his vaccination
  • Identity photos
  • Money for the registration fee
  • Certificate of Baptism (if you wish to teach at a Catholic school)
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