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BP 257 Ampitabe Lake on the Pangalanes Canal - Madagascar

Bungalows If you have the desire to extend this adventure, comfortable traditional bungalows are at your disposal. Equipped with shower room and ...

Akanin'ny Nofy - Pangalanes - Madagascar

White sand beach7 bungalows, ventilated, very comfortable with private mosquito nets, WC, hot water, world cuisine, Group ...

Right in front of Palmarium - Madagascar

The 11 bungalows of Bushhouse are drowned in the greenery, overlooking the Ampitabe lake and its banks of white sand. In the...
Starting from 50 €

Akanin'ny Nofy - Ampitabe Lake - Madagascar

To the east of the big island, in the village of Ankanin'ny Nofy, the Fantasia Village camps on the banks of the canal ...

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