Hôtels à Mananjary - Madagascar

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BP 46 Mananjary 317 - Madagascar

Our bungalows are all facing the sea. Ideally located near the mouth of the canal des PangalanesDispose of seven ...
The six rooms face a large courtyard. The toilets are super destroy

BP 85 Ambatolambo - Madagascar

The VAHINY LODGE is a continuation of "La Plantation" for nearly 4 years. The Lodge is located on 3 wooded hectares, on the edge of ...
Accessible only by crossing the Pangalana from Mananjary, the Ambohitsara Hostel offers an extraordinary stay for travelers. Benefiting from a ...
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IDEAL Hotel is located right in the center of MANANJARY. We have modern, spacious and well-equipped rooms.
Starting at 35 €

BP80 Antanambazaha, Mananjary - Madagascar

SORAFA hotel is undoubtedly the most comfortable of the city, located at the edge of the beach. It has 15 rooms ...

LOT 19E8 Masindrano - Madagascar

RAHARY HOTEL is located in the city center near the market. It is a three bedroom bungalow and the security of which is ...

At the entrance of the city - Madagascar

Seven green bungalows at the entrance of the city. Eccentric, but at the same time, there is not really any ...

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Tourists visiting eastern Madagascar will pass through Mananjary, a quiet and authentic city in the south-east of the country. Mananjary invites you to discover its plantations of spices and vanilla, without forgetting the excursions on the channel of Pangalanes.