Chopin in Nosy Be

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music class nosy be

The 5th edition of classical music with Nosy Be Symphonie will take place from August 23 to September 1, 2018 in Antananarivo then Nosy Be

Nosy Be Symphony, what is it?

On 5 or 6 evenings and one afternoon, each event takes place in a different environment (hotels, restaurants, exceptional sites, large hall). Each evening has a different program with varied and complementary artists in different trends of the classic. Note that spectators are limited according to the capacity of the home site as well reservation essential

Program 2018

music class nosy be

Program from 23 to 25 August: Antananarivo

  • August 23rd at 4pm concert at Father Pedro's village
  • August 24 at 19h, Hotel Colbert
  • August 25th at 4 pm at the IKM Cultural Center

Program from August 28th to September 1st: Nosy Be

nosy be symphony 2018

All concerts are followed by a cocktail dinner

The evening will be honored, in the first place, by international artists such as festival patron and renowned pianist Elzbieta Dedek as well as pianist composer Vincent Rouard. On the list, we also have accordionist and composer Jonathan de Neck and finally, writer-poet Christophe Forgeot. As for the artists of the Vanilla Islands and Madagascar, at the top of the list as the year before, we have the "415 set" of Mauritius. Follows the artists of the big island such as the group MOZARTIANA Music Academy and Vocal Group. The performances of Natacha Rajemison, Parany Ramaromisa, Rindra N. Rajeriarison, Clarck Andrianandrasana, Harry Rakotomampionona, Fitahiana Rasendrahasina and Lova Raoelison will follow.

Rates & reservations

Points of sale of the tickets: Oasis, Casa Mofo, Shampion, Tourist Office, the places of concerts.
Festival fees: 50,000 Ar / person and 30,000 Ar for Malagasy

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