Walks through the natural sites of Antananarivo

Walks through the natural sites of Antananarivo

Lake Tsarasaotra, a paradise for birds

Madagascar is famous for its ecological potential. Specialists in nature, especially birdwatchers, are sure to visit Tsarasaotra's private park, located in Soavimasoandro in the city center. This 27-hectare Ramsar site consists of a lake surrounded by lush vegetation, an island and historic buildings. Among the sixty species of birds that frequent this swampy area, we can mention the Meller duck or Grebe. These places give a complete overview of the ornithological wealth of the Big Island. Visitors can enjoy all the beauty of these places from the different points of view laid out by the owners of the park.

Hikes, walks and discoveries

In addition to the bird sanctuary of Tsarasaotra, tourists can enjoy the wealth of flora and fauna Malagasy visit the zoo and botanical zimbazaza, located in the capital or Lemur's Park 30 km from Tana or Croc Farm, just a short walk from Ivato International Airport. Tour operators also organize hikes and walks through and around the city. These escapades will make you discover, among others, the artisanal market of Andravoahangy and that of the dike road. Also know that it is hardly difficult to restore in the Capital. Gastronomic restaurants abound in the center of Antananarivo.

Tananarive, the royal city

Antananarivo, the cradle of the kingdom of Malagasy royalty, is a city conducive to historical visits. These royal palaces perched on the twelve hills of Imerina, Andafiavaratra through Ambohidratrimo, Ilafy, Antsahadinta ... you will discover the history of the Merina monarchy. The city is also home to many historical sites: the museum Andafiavaratra, former office of Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony, portal Ambavahadimitafo, or the House Jean Laborde.

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