Visits to the Royal Palaces of Imerina

Visits to the Royal Palaces of Imerina

Tananarive is a showcase very representative of life in the capital. You can discover the most captivating facets of its lively streets and endless stairs. Thus, one can opt for both a tourist outing and a shopping trip. Everything is possible in the lower city, the most urbanized part. You can quench your thirst for culture at the Museum of Art and Archeology, just as you can stroll on the side of the craft markets to afford some basketry, and sculptures in wood or stone, in memory of the "city thousand ".

An unmissable visit: the Queen's Palace

In the upper town, it is a majestic building that arouses curiosity, the Palace of the Queen. Named Manjakamiadana, literally meaning "Quietly reigning", this Rova as it is called in the country, is a symbol of the Merina monarchy that once ruled the island. Indeed, from Andrianjaka to Ranavalona III, kings and queens succeeded one another to bring a new stone to the building. A visit to this monument currently in restoration will discover its history and its imposing entrance above which sits an eagle. In addition, it offers a unique view of the capital, thanks to its strategic location.

Discover its exceptional heritage

In Tananarive, the Rova are at the heart of the local cultural heritage. Moreover, there are many other vestiges of the monarchical era by moving slightly away from the city center. Erected at the top of one of the famous sacred hills, about 25 km from the center, Ambohimanga is another high place of royalty. It is therefore sacred to Aboriginal people and was once forbidden to foreigners. It is today, one of the unmissable sites of the city and its visit completes the history of Imerina discovered at the Palace of the Queen.

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