Visit of zoological park Tsimbazaza

The Zoological and Biological Park of Tsimbazaza located 15 minutes from downtown Antananarivo is a pleasant garden that contains hundreds of species of fauna and flora. Founded in 1925, it includes a large lake, a botanical garden and a zoo. True treasure for botanists, the park shows the typical vegetation of all regions of Madagascar. The southern part is for example very well represented with didieracea or pachypodiums. The other regions of Madagascar are not left out, because we find in Tsimbazaza several kinds of palm trees, ravinala or tree of the traveler, orchids and spices, including vanilla, pepper, etc.

To discover during the visit of the park

But the park is also a zoo representing several endemic animal species. A stroll in the park is for tourists just landed an opportunity to meet for the first time the famous lemurs. Indeed, the zoo is home to more than a dozen species of diurnal lemurs such as lemur catta or indri indri and nocturnal, including the famous microcèbe. Ornithologists will be satisfied with their visit to the park, as many migratory birds come to the park to feed or rest. For example, you can meet the ankoay, majestic birds belonging to the same family as the eagle. In the vivarium you can see different types of snakes, chameleons, frogs, etc. In short, Tsimbazaza zoo is an ideal place for a hike in nature in the heart of the city. Your visit will be rich in discoveries.

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