Visit of museums in Tulear (Mahafaly culture)

Visit of museums in Tulear (Mahafaly culture)

Toliara in Malagasy or Tulear in French is a city located in the extreme south of Madagascar. Nearly 1,000 kilometers from the Malagasy capital, Antandroy, Masikoro, Vezo and Mahafaly are the main tribes encountered in this fishing town. It is in a unique and unique landscape in the middle of mountains, ornamental tombs and traditional villages that the city of Tuléar was built and still reveals through its recent architecture the traces of the French colonial period. Not to mention its cultural wealth, there are also sites of incomparable natural beauty such as the natural pool of Sarodrano.

At the meeting of the Mahafaly civilization

This southern part of Madagascar is known for the funerary art of the Mahafaly. To honor his dead, the tribe adorns his tombs with brightly colored drawings, totem or "aloalo" to create real little mausoleums. The Tulear Museum will introduce you to the history and daily life of this ethnic group including local objects, funerary art, the model of a fisherman's hut Vezo, masks with hair and human teeth. The cultural museum also presents black magic fetishes used by Mikéa and Sakalava erotic sculptures.

The Rabesandratana Oceanographic Museum

A museum of the sea was created by Professor Rabesandratana presenting the riches of the seabed of the Mozambique Channel. Discover corals, sponges, shells, turtles, fish and molluscs reflecting the maritime heritage of the southern region of the island including Morombe Fort-Dauphin. Located near the harbor, the museum exhibits a coelacanth captured near Anako in 1995. The scientifically-originated fish of 1.50 m is of prehistoric origin, ie 360 million years before our era. Thanks to researchers from the local Fisheries Institute, the Rabesandratana Museum has awakened the interest of the famous ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

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