Day Trip to Nosy Iranja

Vanila Hotel, Western Road, Ambaro - Madagascar

Iranja & nosy be original

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Nicknamed Turtle Island, Nosy Iranja is the ideal destination to spend a dream day. Composed of two small islands separated by a bench of pure white sand, it is ideal for a day in love, with family or friends.

What does Nosy Iranja offer?

Classified as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world, this little land of paradise with its atmosphere will mark you with its unforgettable colors, its authentic fishing village, as well as its small school perched on the hill of the lighthouse.

How is a day in Nosy Iranja?

Iranja & nosy be original

Departure in the morning to 08h, provide 1:30 of journey, and arrived around 10:30 - 11:00. Walk on the beach, discover turtle nests or walk inside for a global view of the island from the lighthouse.

Lunch will be served on the beach in the village, a well decorated table facing the turquoise sea is waiting for you, a memorable souvenir that you will take with you, and if you are lucky you will be entitled to a bathing stop on the island of Antsoha to return depending on the state of the sea.

Where is nosy iranja?

47 km from Nosy Be, which explains the duration of transfer as well as the price, in fact it is one of the most expensive excursions of Nosy Be, to count in 160 000 Ar, is more than 40 € / person.

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With whom to book?

Iranja & nosy be original
As far as the excursions on the neighboring islands do not need to book, just by going to the Ambatoloaka beach early in the morning you can find a place, so Nosy Iranja requires a minimum e 6 people to get in the fees, so I advice you to reserve.

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