Zombitse Park Vohibasia

At the heart of its preserved sanctuaries and its plethora of protected areas, the Big Island is home to countless endemic specimens. Spotlight on the national park of Zombitse Vohibasia, one of the hidden treasures of southern Madagascar.

A setting lost in the heart of the Great South.

800 kilometers south of the capital, the national park of Zombitse Vohibasia is accessible by the National Road Nº 7. Located 150 kilometers north of Tulear, this piece of paradise is spread over 36,308 hectares. Like a jewel in the heart of the savannah of the great south of Madagascar, the Zombitse forest covers 16,845 hectares. The site of biological interest of Vohibasia meanwhile covers an area of 16,170 hectares. On 3293 hectares, the Isoky Vohimena biological site constitutes the third entity of the protected area of Zombitse Vohibasia. To conquer this lost paradise, 4 circuits are orchestrated within the park. The Lobo circuit is 1.5 kilometers away and meets lemurs, birds and wild plants in the park. For 2.5 kilometers, the Mandresy circuit crosses the baobab forests, lemurs and rare birds of the region. The Ritikala circuit is 5 kilometers long and leads to the discovery of this endemic bird while the Velomihanto circuit leads to the discovery of the most beautiful varieties of orchids.

Zombitse, the eldorado of birdwatchers and ornithologists.

Like the many protected areas of the Big Island, the National Park of Zombitse Vohibasia is home to one of the most famous mammals on the island: the lemur. Eight distinct varieties of lemurs have taken refuge in the heart of lush vegetation, so unusual in the savannah. Verreaux's Sifaka - by its scientific name Propithecus verreauxi - is one of the park's key attractions. One of the peculiarities of Zombitse is also its wealth of endemic birds. 47% of endemic specimens on the Big Island are represented in this natural sanctuary. The Ritrik'ala or Berneria appertii is one of the main centers of interest for birdwatchers visiting the site. On the wildlife side, the choke tree and the Tsitake - or Protorhus abrahamia - are the most coveted specimens by the researchers. Orchids with intoxicating scents are also one of the unmissable curiosities of the site.

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