Nosy Ankazoberavina, the island with large leaves

Nosy Ankazoberavina is the name of a small 14-hectare island 18 miles south of Nosy Be about an hour by boat. With the sugar loaf Nosy Ankivonjy and Nosy Antsoha it forms a small archipelago that has been classified "marine protected area".

On the island live many animal species, including the very rare "Ankoay" or Sinful Eagle, endemic to Madagascar and the day and nighttime lemurs, chameleons and many birds.

Several sacred places must be respected: a large black rock on the beach, ancestral tombs on the top of the two hills and a sacred tree in a small area surrounded.

Nosy Ankivonjy

Forms a characteristic sugar-cake that rises 100 meters high, almost inaccessible, favoring the reproduction of Avifaune species. It is also a landmark visible to tens of miles.

Nosy Antsoha

An uninhabited island of 2 ha, some miles from Ankazoberavina, covered with a tropical forest and having a coral beach of great beauty. Its waters are transparent and very rich in fish. Around the island, many marine animal species rest during the big migrations, like the humpback whales, and the turtles, who come to lay their eggs in peace on the beach, which it is possible to attend. hatching.

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