The natural riches in the surroundings of Tulear

Discovering the natural riches around Tulear

The cave of Sarodrano

In the Sarodrano peninsula located 15 kilometers from Tulear is the sacred cave of Sarodrano. The freshwater lagoon, separated from the sea by ten meters of rocks is a sacred place protecting an underground river. This natural pool near the mouth of the Onilahy or "male river" in Malagasy, the largest river in southwestern Madagascar, is a must-see site for a unique experience. The Sarodrano mangrove sweeping over a hundred hectares is home to endemic birds of the region as well as Makis Catta.

The village of Saint-Augustin

At the foot of white limestone cliffs, the village of St. Augustine is about 30 kilometers from the capital Vezo. The fishing village is right in front of a mangrove swamp from which lemurs can be seen at sunset. The fauna found in this part is representative of the southern region, because it is in the submarine valley extending the Onilahy was captured the coelacanth exhibited in the Rabesandratana Museum of Tulear. It is in a unique and still preserved landscape that the bay of Saint-Augustin contains the rich fishery resources of the southern region.

The Arboretum of Antsokay

About ten kilometers from the city of Tulear, the botanical park known as the Arboretum of Antsokay covers an area of 40 hectares. Certainly the richest botanical park on the island, more than 1,000 species adapted to drought are grouped together. 90% of them are endemic to the southern region such as aloe, euphorbia, pachypodium or Commiphora and 80% of which have medicinal properties. In addition to discovering the characteristic flora of the region, many endangered species representing wildlife are also known to birds such as Drongo or Gobe Fly, chameleons, monitor lizards and turtles.

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