Ranomafana National Park

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The thermal springs of Ranomafana, located in the south-east of Madagascar, are a real favorite place for tourism lovers. Zoom.

A thermal site that deserves a detour

Located along the RN7, Ranomafana National Park is nestled in a large tropical rainforest in the province of Fianarantsoa. Built on an area of 41,601 ha, this site is part of the World Natural Heritage of the wet forests of Atsinanana since 2007 and is one of the jewels of Malagasy and world ecotourism. Its lush nature is not the only asset of this site, the tourists choose to go to the National Park of Ranomafana to also benefit from the curative virtues of the thermal water of the station. Infrastructures have been built to welcome visitors: rooms with bath cabins, public pools with thermal water ...

A unique floral treasure

While Ranomafana National Park attracts visitors for hot springs with curative powers, its endemic biodiversity is breathtaking. Before beginning their visit, tourists will ideally be equipped with a raincoat and spiked walking shoes, the trails in the park are often slippery! It contains a great floral wealth such as medicinal plants, carnivorous plants, and many varieties of endemic orchids such as Bulbophyllum, Aeranthes, Aerangis or Jumellea.

An exceptional wildlife paradise

A visit to this resort also offers the opportunity to discover rare animals. Among the most observed are in the first place the lemurs, there are about 12 species including Woolly Avahi, Aye-Aye or the fawn lemur. Ranomafana National Park is also a paradise for birds. This large forest is home to no less than 118 varieties of species. Among them, the lophotibis cristata called "akoholahinala" in Malagasy, an endemic ibis endangered, or the around Henst, a forest raptor. Hopefully, visitors can see bats, there are about 8 species, but also many reptiles, butterflies and fish in the many streams that run through the forest.

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