Lemurs in Madagascar - Introducing Lemurs Park

Lemurs in Madagascar - Introducing Lemurs Park

Lemurs' Park is located 25 km from the center of Antananarivo in Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. You will discover 9 species of lemurs in freedom in a botanical park of 5 hectares planted with 6,000 trees, on the RN 1 towards Imerintsiatosika and Arivonimamo.
The lemur, symbol of the endemic fauna of the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, is undeniably one of the most endearing animals on our planet.
The observation of these fabulous mammals in the wild becomes increasingly rare because of deforestation.

Lemurs' Park was created with the aim of making discover this surprising animal to the greatest number, to all the passionate ones, in love with the nature and to thus allow, over the years and births, to reintroduce in their natural environment the lemurs born in the park.

This 5-hectare estate, bordered by the Katsaoka River, currently hosts 9 species of lemurs from different regions of Madagascar, but also other key representatives of Malagasy fauna and flora.

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