Lemuria Land, a botanical and zoological park to discover!

Lemuria Land, a botanical and zoological park to discover!

Located just 20 minutes from the city center, the Lemuria Land Reserve is a tourist site in its own right, an ideal place to discover the exceptional richness of the fauna and flora of the island.

Lemuria Land, the first nature and wildlife reserve of Nosy-Be

The fame of Nosy-Be, nicknamed "the island of perfumes" is no longer to remember. Beautiful sandy beaches totally deserted, emerald sea, exotic vegetation, fauna and flora in abundance attract tourists who move then to discover the exceptional spectacle that offers this little paradise island. Among these must-see sites is the sumptuous Lemuria Land Park. Officially inaugurated and open to the public since July 2010, Lemuria Land is the first botanical and animal park on the island. Plan two good hours to discover everything in this beautiful ecological space of about Hui hectares.

A rich fauna to discover

Located near the large distillery of ylang-ylang, pepper, jasmine and patchouli, this ecological Eden offers equestrian treks to these visitors, along the trails. Most discover for the first time endemic species such as nocturnal and diurnal lemurs, insects, chameleons through frogs or frogs-tomatoes, snakes, and crocodiles. Lemuria Land Park is also home to many turtles, including 200-year-old Napoleon, the oldest turtle on the island. The park is also the paradise of a hundred species of tropical birds such as parrots for example!

An exceptional endemic flora

And that's not all. Nature lovers will also be happy to discover the many varieties of medicinal and endemic plants preserved in the heart of Botanical Garden. Among them, ylang-ylangs which form a plant species endemic to this northern part of the island of Madagascar. These flowers are best known for composing the most famous perfumes in the world. You can also continue to visit this park by browsing its museum or by going for a walk in the plantations located near the reserve! Finally, you can complete this beautiful experience by strolling through the small souvenir shops and meet the various artisans who exhibit embroidered tablecloths, sculptures and other souvenirs of the island.

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