Katsepy, his lighthouse and the Cirque Bleu

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Located in the North West of Majunga, Katsepy is at the mouth of the Mozambique Channel and Betsiboka. If you want to come with your vehicle, you can take baobab or Madaba. There are two daily departures from Majunga: 7:30 and 15:30 on weekdays, 8:30 and 15:30 on Sundays. For the return, departures are at 7:30 and 16:30 on weekdays, 8:30 and 16:30 on Sunday. As the number of vehicles is limited, it is best to inquire the day before at the loading dock. You can also rent a motorboat via the Tourist Office (provide for crossing fees and guide fees); the star can take you directly to the Lighthouse or to Katsepy Village.

Landing at the edge of the Lighthouse Katsepy you can visit the Cirque Bleu (which does not refer to the masterpiece of Chagall) It is a circus erosion natural dating back to the Quaternary. On the walls, there are different sedimentary layers whose hues (more than 18!) Range from white to red ocher, passing through violet or green. You can also admire pretty well preserved fairy chimneys.

The morning continues towards the Lighthouse. Remember to provide sunscreen because even during the austral winter, the sun hits hard and early. By going through the Tourist Office, you can be sure that Sylvain (the lighthouse keeper) will be there to welcome you and show you around the lighthouse. The climb is relatively difficult because of the heat. Before visiting the Lighthouse, Sylvain takes you on a tour through the forest to meet 3 species of Lemurs: the crowned sifakas (found only in the Boeny region), the Mongo lemurs and the Fulvus lemurs.

The Eiffel lighthouse at Katsepy was built at the beginning of the 20th century by French engineers. It was completely repainted in 2013 and still works. After a climb of 174 steps, you are 30 meters high and enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the mouth of the Betsiboka. The most observant will note a grave at the foot of the Lighthouse, it is the burial of the daughter of the engineer in charge of the construction of the Lighthouse. Before going back down, Sylvain offers refreshments (available since the installation of solar panels). Downstairs, Sylvie awaits you with good dishes (Malagasy dishes, grilled chicken, freshly caught seafood) You will appreciate the freshness and flavors of its salad input!

While waiting for the tide to rise, enjoy an afternoon lazing in the shade of mango trees or a small swim. Note that Sylvie and Sylvain offer small rustic rooms with beds and mosquito nets (20 000 AR / night - 2016 rates)

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