Toamasina: a link established between tourism and lychee

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This red fruit from Madagascar is lychee, flooding the European market in December. He carries the torch of Madagascar high on the tables of European families at Christmas and New Year. After its economic interest in export, lychee arouses the interest of the tourism sector.

Lychee, a fruit apart

Mostly established in eastern Madagascar, the cultivation and export of lychee greatly contributes to the economic development of the region, which produces nearly 100,000 tons of lychee. Of this production, 20,000 tonnes are transported to Europe, representing 70% of the European market. The excitement of the fruit harvest has led to the establishment of a named lychee festival that has been held in November since 2007. Called "Avy letchi e!", Which means "Lychee is coming!" "This festival celebrates the fruit, but also represents an opportunity for the economic and social development actors of the region to educate the local population on their sector of activity. The event will run from November 20th to December 6th at Toamasina and will be an opportunity to promote the economic, touristic and cultural sectors of the Eastern region. Local products will be in the spotlight, a tourist day will be on the program, artists will animate the festivities and sports activities are organized for young people.

A circuit around the lychee

Aware of the role of the lychee industry in his region, one of the lychee exporters decided to combine this area with that of tourism. According to this exporter named Faly Rasaminana, domestic and international tourists are interested in knowing the steps that pass this fruit, before reaching their plate. Hence, the idea of a special circuit around the litchi, which leads the tourist to discover the fields of culture to the treatment site, not to mention the sessions of tasting at will of the fruit and its preparations. The Regional Tourist Office of Toamasina is favorable to the setting up of this new circuit, which will of course benefit society Faly Export, led by our exporter. At the same time, it is the image of the entire lychee industry that will benefit from the benefits of this innovative approach. This special lychee circuit runs for half a day, so it does not take up too much time for tourists.

The lychee circuit is coming soon!

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