Diving baptism, for an unforgettable memory!

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Diving in Nosy Be

The first dive, the one from which you will come out with sparkling eyes following the meeting of the marine fauna and will make you a regular diver, or who will give you a bad glimpse and will block you ... What makes the difference? The place as well as the monitor! At Nosy Be, everything is together.

What is the principle of diving baptism?

Diving in nosy be

No doubt you have already done snorkeling (Palme - Maque - Tuba), a little apnea and you are a few meters under water. If you liked what you saw, the diving is made for you: Go to the discovery of the marine fauna during a dive of 30 min 1h on various sites: drifting / deep (40m) / wrecks and good of other.

Before move on to these incredible placesyou will have to go through the baptism that will teach you, among other things, Breath underwater. For this, we will need additional equipment to snorkeling: combination - weight - holder - bottle. As much material as it is difficult to apprehend at first, from where the baptism or an instructor will be dedicated to you during a dive in a secure mode, you just have to let yourself be guided

How is a PADI diving baptism?

Your dive instructor will spend some time with you, to explain the basics of scuba diving and give you an overview of the equipment provided by the dive club.

Before going to sea, you will first go to the pool where your instructor will help you practice basic diving techniques, you will learn to breathe in a holder. Now that you are reassured about the breathing, always accompanied by your instructor, you will make a first discovery dive on a suitable site which turns in the 10 meters of depths.

Where does baptism go in Nosy Be and what do we see?

Snorkeling at Nosy Tanikely

Usually baptisms take place at Nosy Tanikely, protected marine reserve, as well a protected and luxuriant marine fauna with depths of 1 to 10m, the ideal spot for a baptism

The advantage is to leave from the beach, if the slightest apprehension you have foot in the beginning, and if you feel comfortable your monitor will bring you to see the groupers visible at 6-7m 

How much does a baptism cost?

The dive baptism is at 50 € with the Southern clubs of Nosy Be and 60 € for the North

And the logical continuation?

Skip your Open Water Diver : The Open Water learns all the basics to dive with confidence, I did it in 1 day already having experience. A person with no experience, count in 4 and 7 days. So possible to do during your holidays!

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