Descent of the Manambolo River

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Like the famous Tsiribihina descent, the Manambolo descent is a fabulous excursion to the west of the Big Island. The tour will take you to discover the fauna and flora of Menabe. The adventure promises to be exciting!

Journey in western Madagascar

Two tours are recommended for an original discovery of the nature of the west of the country: the descent of the Tsiribihina River and that of Manambolo. The latter has its source in the Highlands before traveling peacefully the plains of Menabe. The descent of the Manambolo is ideal for adventurers of all kinds, even beginners, since this river knows no speed or obstacles. The river therefore offers more security. In addition, the ideal time to begin the excursion is the dry season, from April to October. It is essential to provide hat, sunscreen and light clothing, the temperature can climb up to 32 ° C.

The small village of Ankavandra is the starting point for the descent of the Manambolo. To get there, various options are available to you. On one side, you can take a flight from Antananarivo and go directly to the site. On the other, you can extend the adventure by taking the direction of Ampefy to reach Tsiroanomandidy. From there, place to the hike! A 4 x 4 ride is more convenient to reach the Bongolava massif. Then the bravest will cross the massif on foot to reach Ankavandra.

Canoe Adventure

Once in Ankavandra, the local boatmen will be happy to take you along Manambolo. You can never say it enough, but you have to choose carefully your boatman. Before starting the descent proper, you can camp on the banks of the river, the time to rest and enjoy the sweet life of the village. Everything begins with a ritual or "fomba" during which we ask the blessing of the spirits of the river. The canoe trip can then begin. During the descent, a range of landscapes sometimes lunar sometimes green are offered to you.

The whole life of the river unfolds before your eyes. The current is rather calm and one sometimes has the impression that in this part of the island, the time stopped. The river runs along cliffs and jagged hills, testifying to the significant erosion suffered by the region. A few houses litter the river's banks, but these tend to disappear as the Bemaraha massif approaches. The adventure lasts an average of four days and nights are always spent on the banks of the river until the arrival in Bekopaka. You can then explore the island's most unusual landscape, the Tsingy du Bemaraha, a World Heritage Site.

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