Discover Mangily and its exceptional nature

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Set sail north of Tulear to immerse yourself in the authentic Vezo spirit of the village of Mangily. Beyond an unspoiled nature conducive to change of scenery, a lot of hotels with cozy comfort welcomes you with kindness.

Nonchalance and idleness at the rendezvous.

All the picturesque village of Mangily is articulated along a sea front covered with soft brown sand. A few meters from the waves line the small traditional boats of fishermen starting to storm the ocean at dawn. Their return is a new show, punctuated by the happy hubbub of women and children who welcome them.
A ride aboard these boats is offered to those who wish to live an unusual holiday experience in southwest Madagascar. This excursion crosses a part of the coastline to discover preserved areas. The lunches on the sand with fish dishes caught during the day are a moment of complete change of scenery. Red mullet and roasted lobster are the best of the dishes concocted with care.

Unusual hikes around Mangily.

Near the seaside resort of Ifaty, Mangily knows how to seduce its visitors with its panel of typical places like the baobab forest. In an ocher-colored landscape, these endemic trees are much smaller than those found in other parts of Madagascar, but with a larger diameter. The walks are organized in the company of a guide from an Ifaty hotel or a charming accommodation in Mangily. Around the lagoon, the walks are a delight for the exotic landscape lover.

Snorkelling and scuba diving tours are available throughout the stay. Hotel restaurants with a pleasant view of the sea invite you to enjoy the senses with seafood dishes in every sauce. Diving schools hosted at hotels in Ifaty or Mangily suggest assisted sessions for both beginners and advanced levels. The baptisms in shallow water are appreciated in the heart of the lagoon less than 5 meters deep. 45 minutes of learning enough to soak up the beauty of the underwater landscape

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