Discovery of Nosy Komba and Tanikely in 1 day

Vanila Hotel, Western Road, Ambaro - Madagascar

Komba & Nosy Original

This is probably the most "standard" tour of Nosy Be. In the frame where you stay for a long time it is interesting, but if you stay all your stay in Nosy Be, I advise you more to make the excursion « Tanikely and sakatia »And discover Nosy Komba on a whole day or why not several days, in any case Komba deserves more than a few hours 😉 

Part 1 - Nosy Komba

Your first excursion will be on the island of lemurs (Nosy Komba), this beautiful island is full of lemurs under its protective forest, once landed on the beach of Ampagorina, you will have the opportunity to see craft huts with its tablecloths embroidered and sculptures and share the joy of living of the village school children and you will walk with a guide in the park in search of families of lemurs who are waiting for visitors.

Part 2 - Nosy Tanikely

Nosy Tanikely

To change a little atmosphere on your terrestrial discovery, you will take the course towards theNosy Tanikely island (the small land), for an aquatic discovery in a beautiful protected reserve to enjoy snorkelling thanks to the equipment left on site, you will be surprised by the different aquatic species of all the colors that hide between the corals. 

A hearty lunch under the shade of badamiers awaits you, and you will have the opportunity to visit the lighthouse enjoying its incredible panoramic view.

What price for the excursion?

Nosy Be original

A 80,000 Ar / person meal included, this is the cheapest sea tour of Nosy Be. This for the simple reason that it is starting out in common boats, which in itself is not a bad thing from the moment you do not find yourself on a day with 5-6 boats, which can happen .

Or does it start?

The departures are from the beach of Ambatoloaka, all the boats belong to Nazaire, the agencies offering this excursion only use its boats as well to avoid intermediaries I invite you to directly go through it 😉


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On the road to Andilana, 200m before the Vanila on your left

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