Getaway to Antsirabe, discovering the tourist wonders of Ibity

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Visit the site of Ibity during your next stay in the city of Antsirabe, located 170 km south of Antananarivo. Clean air, greenery, sporting activities holidays, cultural beauty, sites to visit, everything is matter to seduce in this famous village of the city of waters.

Ibity Tourist Attractions

Located at 12 km fromAntsirabeto the south, Ibity is a commune in the Antsirabe II area. The tourist site to visit includes both the village of Ibity and the impressive massif of 2,555 meters above sea level. The village of Ibity has about 1970 inhabitants. Composed of Merinas and some Betsileo natives, the village population is composed mostly of farmers and farmers. The greenery, serenity, clean air are already riches to discover and live in the town of Ibity. Added to this are the kindness and sociability of the inhabitants, the extreme richness of their culture and the excellence of their know-how in terms ofcraft.

During your pleasure stay in the rural municipality of Ibity, walk along the Ibity mining circuit. A visit which will allow you to know the art and the way of extracting the precious stones, but also to admire gems of a splendid beauty like the tourmaline, the citrine or the morganite. Also visit the artisans of Ibity village. From pottery to wickerwork, embroidery and carpentry, craftsmen offer quality creations, including raffia baskets and bags, silk scarves and stoles, etc. Also access to the sacred source "VATO HETY "and get acquainted with the healer of the village, whose knowledge will fascinate you.

Ibity, everything for leisure and fun

Also, try to be as entertaining as possible during your pleasure stay in the town of Ibity. Attend the cultural and sports events organized in the heart of the village, like the savika (traditional Malagasy bullfighting). Also enjoy the excellence of the gastronomy of the region. You will taste among others potatoes cooked in a wood fire and various recipes based on potatoes. Also remember to visit the Ibity massif, under the guidance of a knowledgeable guide. Wonderful shows of a different nature await you there.

The beauty of the fauna and flora is the first attraction of the Ibity massif. Indeed 70% of the vegetation of the massif is endemic. Discover also impressive natural formations such as avens, caves still unexplored, rocks with the original forms, or streams and waterfalls taking source from the top of the massif. Lovers of tourism Sportsmen can organize and climb Mount Ibinty, or hike for a few hours or even opt for trekking. Thanks to the bright sunshine, the breath of the wind and the unparalleled green landscapes, you will not feel tired during your trekking discovery.

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