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The Malagasy fort takes its name from its architecture similar to the famous British castle. Culminating at 391 m, it offers a breathtaking view of all Diego Suarez.

To access the fort, a good dose of courage and a spirit of adventure are required: indeed, the climb is rough and difficult, but worth the effort. Indeed, at the end of the road, it's the reward: a magnificent observation point awaits the hiker. Fort is located about forty kilometers west of Diego and many excursions are organized by tour operators. The Windsor Castle is indeed a huge monolith, which was the former watchtower of the colonial forces of the time. It is therefore a sentinel. The climb will be tiring and tiring: so bring with you a bottle of mineral water, good walking shoes and a cap and sunglasses ... you can also plan to have lunch on the site, if you go there in the daytime ...

The entrance to Windsor Castle is via stairs, and throughout, the climber discovers a vegetation composed of mangroves and many plants such as aloe, euphorbia, orchids that bloom in September, or the pachypodium. As the fort gets closer, the vegetation becomes lush and the temperature decreases. At the top, the hiker discovers a landscape breathtaking! Indeed, extends before him a 360 ° C panorama of the North of Madagascar, from where he can see the Mozambique Channel, the Bay of Courriers, the mountain of Amber, as well as the bay of Diego. As for the fort, its tower is square, its windows are located to the west and east. The doors are facing south, as well as on the ground floor and upstairs.

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