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Only 18 km from the National Route 2 (Tamatave Road), we find the mythical village of Ambatomanga. Ambatomanga translated as "Blue Rock" reserves an unusual charm for those who appreciate the tranquility of the countryside but Ambatomanga is also a must for lovers of taste discovery.

Thanks to a fairly developed breeding of "dairy" cow (of mixed race: crossing of zebu and Norwegian red magpie), the region is characterized by a fairly consistent milk production. It must be remembered that it is this part of the Vakiniadiana that supplies not less than a thousand liters of milk for the Capital. Also, the existence of this essential raw material, this "white gold", allowed the birth of the FI cheese dairy in 1984.
Familiarization with local farmers, meeting with Malagasy engineers contacts with the friends of France, Brittany, trainings received from French and American Cheese Chefs, appreciation of cheese lovers and encouragement of customers allowed cheese makers of FI cheese to develop its know-how in dairy processing but especially to perpetuate a tradition of a thousand years in the soil of Ambatomanga.
After thirty five years of experience, the FI cheese factory has put on the market several varieties of cheese strongly inspired by French, Italian and Swiss cheeses. Going through the fresh cheeses of white cheese type, very popular for dessert such as cheese-cakes or semi-hard cheeses perfect for aperitifs or soft cheeses, with washed crust to taste with red wine or salad, at the cheese dairy FI everyone will find his share and his preference. Moreover, the local price differs from that of dealers and distributors in the capital, so many reasons to make the detour to Ambatomanga

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