6 accommodation structures in Madagascar in line with sustainable tourism

6 structures d'hébergement à Madagascar conformes au tourisme durable

To demonstrate their commitment to sustainable tourism, several Malagasy hotel operators have taken the necessary steps to obtain certification. Six of them have been certified compliant by the group of operators GO TO Madagascar.

The criteria taken into account

Six Madagascan hotel professionals have been thoroughly evaluated before obtaining their certification of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals. Each of them has met the 200 criteria required to comply with the requirements of sustainable tourism. Their ability to respect the environment has been one of the most important criteria. Transparency of the administration and respect for workers' rights were also taken into account. During the study, the juries had access to the rules of the pre-selected hotels. The certification ceremony was held in the presence of Minister Andriantiana Ulrich, in charge of the Department of Tourism, Transport and Meteorology. During his speech, he insisted that the respect of fair tourism by hoteliers was primarily based on compliance with the regulations included in the Labor Code. He further stated that this criterion is not based on the payment of a high salary for employees.

Employee awareness sessions

To mark their commitment to sustainable development, certified hotel establishments will conduct awareness campaigns with their employees. These trainings will mainly concern the consumption of water and electricity. For Mantasoa Lodge for example, bath towels and sheets are only washed at the request of the hotel occupants. To reduce energy costs, some accommodation structures will reduce the frequency of use of generators. Not only will this measure lower energy consumption, but it will also help reduce CO2 emissions. For Malagasy hotel professionals, the acquisition of "sustainable tourism" certifications is an asset of choice to attract Anglo-Saxon customers. The latter, whose interest in Madagascar is large, are indeed very committed to respect for the environment and its application in the tourism and hospitality sector.

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